We have just completed another driveway paving in Dublin.

This driveway was a combined feature of gravel main area and a pathway laid in cobble stone staggered along front of house to act as a walkway around it. We inserted a cobble step as well to match in perfectly with the cobble pathway. The gravel was a nice mix of 8mm to 14mm gold autumn mix. The cobbles are a tumbled grey colour that we felt would blend in both nicely with the house and the colour of the gravel driveway.

We ran a tumbled kerb around the entire driveway with a cobble stretcher bond to restrain the gravel and give it a nice finish. The original driveway was  only one car wide so as you can see in the picture we significantly widened it allowing minimum of 3 cars on it.

The grass was trimmed back on either side and we re-soiled it so the new lawn should finish very nicely with the edging kerb. The edging kerbs themselves were set in a solid concrete bed so they have no chance of moving.

We like the overall look of the driveway and the customer was very happy. Do you like it? If you do and are thinking of having something similar done to your house, don’t hesitate to call us. We are more than happy to come out and walk you through it while giving you a very competitive quote.

JC Contractors, Dublin Paving Contractor.